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Karalian warrior, Rikka, is devoted to his species and the Hier Council who rule them. He knows his loyalty is to the Karal first, his mission second and everything else is expendable. But sent into deep space with a female from Earth, it is not only a new planet Rikka finds. He also discovers that his new found feelings for the woman who will be the mother of his child, will make him question everything about himself and his beliefs. Having lived through a turbulent childhood, with a mentally unstable mother, Gaia is looking forward to settling down on Karal. When the trials, to find a woman to go into deep space, are announced, she has no interest in competing. Not even if the big brooding alien, Rikka, is the one she will be cooped up with for weeks on end. Although, her imagination is more than willing to conjure up images of how they will entertain themselves for endless hours... Yet when Okil explains what is at stake, and the other women are deemed unsuitable, will she be willing to travel into the unknown? Journey into deep space with Rikka and Gaia, as they encounter alien craft, and learn that there are sinister forces in the universe, that will one day threaten everything they hold dear. Contains scorching hot scenes between an alien and his mate, for adults only.

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